To best suit your needs, we offer programs for individuals, small groups and families. In addition to the conventional programs listed, we design custom programs to meet your specific goals. Let us know how we can serve you!

Spark to Blaze Nutrition Project

  • 4 3 month phases to develop a nutrition lifestyle that is fulfilling and sustainable
  • 3 Levels of coaching are available for each phase

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21 Day Kick Start

This program is a Kick-Start, not an all-out elimination. You will be “tip-toeing” towards the ultimate goal. There are 10 AIP-friendly recipes to use in whichever order you prefer – even over and over again if you’d like. The ultimate goal is for you to begin learning and developing a lifestyle of eating real, whole foods and implementing other lifestyle factors which promote wellness, on a consistent basis so that it becomes second-nature and a normal part of your routine.

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Free 21 Day Kick Start Group

Private Facebook group with live streams and coaching through the 21 day kickstart with a cheat sheet to help. The above program provides more tools and recipes but is not mandatory to join the group or request to the cheat sheet.

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30 Day Elimination Program

  • 4 one-hour sessions
  • Initial 1 hour Consultation
  • 3 additional hours (may be spent purging pantries, learning how to eat out, strategic grocery shopping, making meals/snacks, etc).
  • Includes text and email support
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Reintroduction Program

  • 4 half-hour sessions
  • Strategic food reintroduction, tracking and results.
  • Includes text and email support
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Hourly Coaching

  • Coaching sessions are available in 30 and 60 minute intervals
  • Includes text and email support

Small Group Coaching (2-4)

  • Small groups of 2-4 people work together at a reduced rate. Everything is more fun with friends!
  • Includes text and email support

Family Coaching

  • When the whole family is moving towards clean eating and healthy lifestyle choices, the rate of success increases substantially. That’s why we offer family programs!
  • We create specified programming for your family based upon number of family members, individual needs and goals and collective support

Specified Modification Program

  • 4 one-hour sessions
  • When you’re dealing with a suspected or medically diagnosed ailment/disease and want to begin to heal your body with nutrient dense food and healthful lifestyle choices.
  • Highly specified content/plan.
  • Includes text and email support

Continuing Support Program

  • 4 half-hour sessions
  • Providing accountability, making a plan to reduce stress, increase activity and sleep more – basically fine tuning what you already know.
  • Includes text and email support

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Gift Certificate

We have gift certificates available for clients. A gift certificate can be applied to initial consultations, programs or seminars.

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