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Paleo Spectrum was born out of a desire to educate and empower people in their search for an optimal life full of energy and health/wellness.  We desire to see every person feeling their best, living their lives fully and freely without the constraints or restrictions which can be avoided by diet and lifestyle improvements.

We focus on the whole person, not just what you’re eating – it goes way beyond that.  Other considerations include:  how you move (exercise), sleep, stress, unplug, socialize, play and more.

While we use the Paleo Diet as a springboard, we don’t believe Paleo is meant to be a rigid, “one size fits all” plan.  So we customize — according to your needs — according to your life — to discover your Personal Paleo Spectrum.

About Paleo


So what exactly is “Paleo”?  Google defines the Paleo Diet as, “a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food.”  Well that basically sums it up.  Basically.  Right now, just the word “Paleo” is a hot topic.  If you do an internet search for “Paleo”, you’ll find oh, I don’t know, maybe millions of websites.  #overwhelming.  It would be easy to get lost among the many different programs, theories, experts, and recommendations.  So let’s keep it simple and just say that Paleo as it relates to Paleo Spectrum means eating a diet of lean meats, nutrient dense carbs and delicious, healthy fats … and living a lifestyle that is intentional, active and engaging.  All of this promotes optimal health – your health.



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Perfect Grain-Free Waffles

I’ve been eating the paleo way since I completed treatments for breast cancer in 2008. I’ve experimented a lot and made many (no really, m a n y) different waffle recipes. Some good, some not so good. But honestly, when you’re not eating “normal” waffles, any waffle...

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Manage Pain Naturally

Pain. We all have it. Whether it's rarely, sometimes or chronic. Pain is a fact of life. And I'm not talking about the kind of pain brought about by that one relative who gets on your everlasting nerves. I'm talking about physical pain. It comes in the form of a...

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Goals, Habits, & Excuses – Oh My!

Let's talk about goals. You know, the kind you make and then ... forget. Maybe not always. But for the most part. Because in the beginning goals are awesome. They're motivating, inspiring, and exciting! But you move past the beginning, into like the end of the first...

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Although I have aspired to eat Paleo foods for the past few years, it wasn’t until I began consulting with Angela that I was able able to stick with the plan. The accountability and encouragement that Angela gives is just what I need to stay on course. Besides nutrition information, Angela also shares information on stress management, exercise and sleep.  Attending Angela’s seminars helps keep me motivated to make healthy choices. Each seminar is packed with the latest nutrition information. She even brings yummy food and shares the recipes! I would highly recommend consulting with Angela and attending her seminars to anyone that is striving to live a healthy lifestyle!


After being overly frustrated with not being able to physically active and not being able to play with my kids due to severe osteoarthritis in one knee and me being considerably overweight, I started searching for a solution for my issues.  What I really wanted and was a quick fix to jump start my weight loss.  My CrossFit coach, convinced me to give Paleo Spectrum a try and not go the quick fix route.  After meeting with Angela, my wife and I, decided to commit to the program and “clean up” our act.  5 months later I’m 50 pounds and feel I am in better shape than when I played college athletics.  I learned quickly that my body is not as broken down as I thought it was, I was just treating it, horribly, which Angela helped change.  I also learned that if you eat healthy, you don’t have to walk around starving yourself.  It was a great experience and not only can I live life the way a 39 year old should be able to, but my kids now get to learn what healthy living is like and hopefully change their habits as they grow older.  Thanks for your help Angela.


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